Cash flow advisory

Cash is key to the survival and growth of any business, and that is especially important in the current market where businesses are faced with slowing demand caused by the pandemic. Our Accounting Advisory professionals can help in many ways through the following services to enhance your cash flow management positions:

  • Analysing level of liquidity and cash needs during crisis period
  • Assessing impact of any immediate and near-term funding requirements
  • Adopting working capital strategy to improve processes around accounts receivables, accounts payables, inventory and shorten the cash conversion cycle
  • Developing robust cash flow forecasting process to give organisation the ability to plan ahead of time.
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Digitalisation of finance and accounting

Through our range of specialised services, we have in-depth knowledge of accounting regulations and extensive experience working with companies from various industries. Our team of Accounting Advisory experts work alongside your finance team to ensure success in your finance and accounting digitalisation journey by using technologies in a wide range of activities:

  • Document recognition and automated data extraction
  • Direct data transfer with customers and suppliers
  • Digital payment
  • Replacement of excel with innovative tools
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Virtual CFO

Chief Financial Officers (CFO) today go beyond reporting and compliance oversight. The role of CFOs has evolved into a more strategic role to drive operational gains and provide insights to the company’s growth plans. Many SMEs and start-ups do not have the resources for a full-time CFO. Our virtual CFO service would fill the gap by providing a part-time CFO at a reasonable fee to support businesses in the following areas:

  • Review financial health to provide insights on business performance and growth
  • Streamline operations to increase efficiencies
  • Adopting Analyze business drivers to build annual budget and forecasting
  • Provide financial expertise on specific projects
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Implementation of new accounting standards

We assist our clients in implementing new accounting standards and presenting an impact assessment in the financial statements:

  • Revenue from contracts with customers (effective from 1 Jan 2018)
  • Financial instruments (effective from 1 Jan 2018)
  • Leases (effective from 1 Jan 2019)

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Interpretation of complex accounting issues

We provide accounting interpretation and advice on complex accounting issues and standards:

  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Business combination
  • Share-based payment
  • Financial instruments accounting
  • Tax accounting (deferred tax, uncertain tax positions)
  • Others
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