SME Micro Loan
SME Micro Loan

Government aided financing scheme
Up to SGD$100k financing

What is SME Micro Loan?

The SME Micro Loan by Enterprise Singapore is a long term, low interest small business loan that was launched to help small and medium sized enterprises get greater access to SME loans in Singapore.

Enterprise Singapore is a government related agency that provides grants and SME financing schemes to small medium enterprises (SMEs) in an effort to spur growth and development amongst small businesses in Singapore. While Enterprise Singapore does not lend out any money, they serve to bear 50% of all loan default risks.

The SME Micro Loan scheme, which is a small business loan program in Singapore, is targeted at businesses that are relatively younger and smaller. If conditions are met, an SME may take up to SGD$100,000, which is payable over a 4 year tenure.

For businesses that have been in operations for less than 3 years, Enterprise Singapore stands in as a guarantor for up to 50% of the credit risk. This would open up the micro loan to emerging businesses that are usually seen to have high default risk. Emerging businesses make up 90% of all local enterprises.

Is a SME Micro Loan for me?

One of the safeguards of the SME Micro Loan is that the applicant entity has to be at least 1 year and in active operations. If you happen to be starting up a business, or are in urgent need of funds to commence a project or purchase an equipment, it is likely that the thought of obtaining the funds is still the only thing that you can focus on.

While there may be many other alternative sources of funding, this small SME loan is still the most sought after. It was structured to be a helping hand to SMEs that were going through a dry season, and therefore, was specifically tailored to be generous, long term, and very affordable.

The SME Micro Loan is the most popular and cost effective financing for small businesses. This should also mean that the number of applications for the Enterprise Singapore SME loans must be overwhelming, which could make the application process a little longer.

Loan up to SGD$100,000 for Singapore SMEs

With fixed monthly repayments over 3 years

No collateral required

There is no requirement to pledge any property or deposit as collateral to apply for this loan. Personal guarantee(s) may be required.

Fast repsonse

Get in touch with us along with the required documents and we will provide a response within 24 hours


Companies applying for the SME Micro Loan should meet the following criteria:

  • Company registered and operating in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding
  • At least 1 year in business
  • Group annual sales of ≤ S$100m or group employment size ≤ 200^

^Annual sales turnover and employment size will be computed on a group basis (i.e. All levels up for corporate shareholders holding > 50% of total shareholding of the applicant company and any subsequent corporate parents, and subsidiaries all levels down)

Enquiries? Questions?

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