Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore
Services of Corporate Secretarial in Singapore

The Singapore Companies Act requires every business owner who incorporates their company in Singapore to appoint company secretary in Singapore within 6 months of incorporation. A company secretary must meet certain criteria including s/he must be a natural person who has his principal or only place of residence in Singapore.


Provision of a Named Secretary for your Company

Maintaining of Company Register and Minute Books

Preparation of Annual General Meeting Documents when due and applicable

Filing of Annual Return to ACRA when due and applicable

Advisory on Corporate Secretarial compliance matters

Auto Reminder to inform you of your filing due dates

Preparation of up to 10 routine resolutions per annum

Compilation of Financial Statements

Corporate Tax Submission

Corporate Tax Submission

Subsequent Renewal Fee



Payable Every YEAR
(USUAL $390)

$390 per annum



Payable Every Year
(USUAL $720)

$720 per annum



(USUAL $990)

$990 per annum



(USUAL $790)

Includes Tax Computation, ECI Filing and Form C-S Filing

From $790 per annum

Company Secretary Service

A company secretary provided by corporate secretarial services in Singapore plays a key role in maintaining the constant flow of secretarial and administrative tasks of your company. S/he ensures that the day-to-day operations of your company runs smoothly and are immediately reported to the executives for evaluation or rapid decision-making. The proper report is a great help for the executives of the company to foresee future events and anticipates them in a professional and precise manner. The range of secretarial and administrative tasks is wide and requires a keen eye to details and dedication, besides the credentials in secretarial services. Our highly qualified company secretary will help your company through the following matters:

  • The Minutes and Register Books maintenance
  • Drafting of standard director’s minutes and resolutions
  • Consultancy on secretarial, statutory, compliance, accounting, and tax matters
  • The constant monitor of the company’s compliance with relevant legal requirements, especially those under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Submission of Annual Return and XBRL to ACRA
  • Other substantial secretarial and administrative tasks

Get Yourself the Right Person as your Corporate Secretary in Singapore

When you engage a qualified service provider that provides you with comprehensive end-to-end services, you should be enjoying all the premium services. Yet, we noticed that some service providers are not providing customers with certain important services such as unlimited mails scanning, no daily mail receiving notification, no mail forwarding services resulting in inconvenience to customer when they need to self-collect the mails from the registered office, no fax services support, no registered address services and etc. The Singapore Companies Act requires every company in Singapore to appoint one or more company secretaries within 6 months of its incorporation. A company secretary must meet certain criteria including that he/she must be a natural person who has his/her principal or only place of residence in Singapore. Discover the checklist for selecting the right person as your Corporate Secretarial partner in Singapore at ISC.

Strike Off Company

In some cases, closing your company can be a more cost-effective decision. The company striking off procedure can be as complex as setting up a new one. Thus, our company provides you with the right assistance to pass through the complexity and time-consuming process of the striking off of your company. You can engage our company striking-off service which is designed primarily to assist you to take every step of the strike-off procedure with a peace of mind. With us, you can focus on more crucial matters while we are working hand in hand with the ACRA and other relevant government agencies to strike off your company legally. Our expertise and experience will ease your process of meeting every condition you must meet in accordance with ACRA. The entire process takes up to five months.

Liquidation in Singapore

Liquidation is part of the business process that certain businesses must be ready to take if certain conditions occur. Liquidation has different processes from striking off even though both share the same criteria, which is the company ceasing to exist. Liquidation is categorized into 3 types namely Members’ Voluntary Liquidation, Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation and Court Winding Up. Liquidation will result in the control of the company being handed over to the liquidator. Engage good corporate secretarial services in Singapore, particularly our liquidation services, if required, to have a smooth liquidation process.

Receivership & Judicial Management Services in Singapore

Receivers are typically appointed by the court as a ‘neutral fiduciary’ or recommended by the lender as plaintiff. Specific court language refers to a ‘receiver’ as the hands and eyes of the court. As a result, carrying out any necessary actions to preserve the assets of the receivership estate. Who can become the Judicial Manager? The Judicial Manager nominated must be a public accountant and cannot be an auditor of the company.

Singapore Certificate of Incorporation

In Singapore, the certificate of incorporation will usually be issued by the Singapore Registrar of Companies (ACRA) via an e-notification of incorporation which is will be generated electronically. These e-notifications do not have any signatures on them and will be emailed out to the officers of the company and the person in charge of the incorporation filings.

Singapore Customs Registration

If your company is engaged in export, import or trans-shipment activities in Singapore, you are required to register the company with the Singapore Customs as an importer, exporter, common carrier and others (no matter by land, air or sea). This central registration number is mandatory for Singapore companies or organisations engaged in trading activities.

Amalgamation Of Companies In Singapore And Its Taxation

Amalgamation is the process whereby two or more companies are combined. Besides transfers of shares and/or businesses, private Singapore incorporated companies looking to restructure should keep in mind the option of carrying out an amalgamation pursuant to the Companies Act.

Company Search in Singapore

Every entrepreneur should endeavour to conduct a company search in Singapore to take a look at the suitability of the business before taking the next steps forward. The information you should keep an eye out for includes the company’s legal background and credit history in particular because you want to avoid getting stuck with a company that has a bad credit record.

Notarisation, Apostille and Legalisation of Documents in Singapore

Before your official documentation can be accepted for use abroad, it must undergo the notarisation, apostille and legalisation process in Singapore. The notarisation, apostille and legalisation of documents in Singapore are just some of the many services offered here at ISC. Every country will have its own legalisation requirements to determine the authenticity of documents.

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