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Singapore is the best place in the world to do business. According to the “Doing Business” report by World Bank, this Asian island nation has topped a ranking of the world’s easiest place to do business for ten consecutive years. With all the ease of starting or closing a firm, getting credit or electricity as well as trading across borders, Singapore appears more outstanding with its fast registration processing time, which only takes up to 2.5 days. Besides, there are many excellent business setup services in Singapore that can speed up the process.

Singapore is a dream home to entrepreneurs who wish to take their businesses to the Asia Pacific or global stage. Its strategic location in the heart of South Asia, the world’s best airport and the world’s busiest port shall all be sufficient to access countless business opportunities and large potential markets. And, all of the pro-business benefits can be yours within 2.5 days or even shorter with the assistance of professional Singapore business setup services.

What Business Setup Services in Singapore Offer

At ISC, you can register your company very swiftly. Our specialists have excellent expertise, proven experience, and great motivation to assist you in getting the most effective and efficient company setup experience ever. We offer a full spectrum of business setup services in Singapore that will benefit your business from start-to-end.

Sole Proprietorship / LLP Setup

Whether you wish to set up a Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability Partnership, ISC is the best partner to complete all the procedures with ease. Our professional specialists will assist you to choose the business type that is most profitable and suitable for your conditions. We will get your business registration completed in about 1 hour (subject to ACRA approval). We will work closely with you to ensure that you get the right direction to meet the requirements of Singapore regulation that follow your business registration. 

Shelf Company for Sale

If you need your company to operate immediately in Singapore, our shelf company provision service is perfect for you. Our shelf companies are ready-made, or already registered, as the perfect answer to specific requests that your company needs urgently. The companies have never entered into any obligations or dealings and are ready for immediate operation soon after purchase. However, you are required to hold your company’s first Annual General Meeting within the 18 months from the date of incorporation.

Branch Office (BO) Setup

You can opt to set up a subsidiary, branch office, or representative office in Singapore to meet the specific needs of your company right away. A branch office setup is suitable for big foreign companies while a subsidiary works perfectly for small to midsized foreign companies. We have 4 invaluable services for setting up your branch office (BO) in Singapore namely BO registration with local agents, BO registration with relocation, BO registration with the relocation of one employee or BO registration with the relocation of two employees.

Singapore Representative Office (RO) Setup

Foreign companies will benefit from our representative office setup service during their initial operation in Singapore. Foreign companies can set up an RO while exploring the potential opportunities in Singapore and the region. This office functions as a liaison, allowing the company to assess the local business environment before deciding to set up a permanent office with legal status. To set up an RO, you can engage our well-known RO setup service, one of the highly-regarded business setup services in Singapore.

 Company Limited by Guarantee in Singapore

In case you’re considering setting up a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) in Singapore, this guide is for you. Here is all that you have to know to enable you to comprehend what a CLG is and how to begin the setup of a CLG in Singapore. This type of business entity is perfect for non-profit organisations such as charities who want to conduct business in the country. Like other business entities, a CLG is also registered under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore.

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